Dancing with Responsive Design

I have been hearing about responsive design on and off for some time now, and it has always appealed to me as a pattern to follow for web-based user interfaces. CSS3 is obviously quite powerful and media queries provide a relatively easy way to build one unified UI that looks great on PCs, but then adapts and shape-shifts accordingly when viewed on a smartphone or tablet without having to completely re-implement a “mobile site” as so many do today. Since UI design is not my core area, though, I never could quite gather the energy to do something with it. Then I saw support for responsiveness in the new Bootstrap 3. Like with all other aspects of web UI design, it makes responsiveness that much easier as well. As added motivation, I tried out my To Do application in my smartphone - and it looked awful.

In the spirit of rolling my own, my next application I wanted to build for myself was a simple list maker that I could use for groceries, shopping, and other checklists. Since something like that would find its best use across multiple types of devices (and since I am not quite ready to jump into native mobile development just yet), it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out responsive design with Bootstrap. After getting over a slight upgrade shock after switching from Bootstrap 2.3 to 3 (helped quite a bit by this post here), things became quite easy.

The end result is my new application, so very imaginatively titled My Lists- deployed here (again, be aware that this is a development instance), and open sourced here. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like in PCs and in tablets in landscape:


Here is a screenshot of what it looks like in a smartphone:


Rest of the technology is pretty much the same as To Do- .NET REST API, AngularJS and MongoDB.

Responsive design takes a little getting used to, but I think is quite worth it.

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