About Me

My name is Aashish Koirala. I write code. I think a lot, and I write about some of it. Born and raised in majestic Kathmandu, Nepal, I now live in the beautiful state of Massachusetts, USA with my wife and daughter where I build software for a living.

I caught the programming bug when I was twelve, fiddling with QBASIC and MS-DOS batch scripts on a 80386 PC. A few years later I picked up VB. I must have written hundreds of applications in VB by the time I was in high school - varying in quality and usefulness, of course. Web design and HTML made their way in around this time and a short stint as a “HTML web designer” followed before college. Then came JavaScript. College and engineering brought a LOT of new stuff into the mix. I picked up C, C++, Java and SQL along the way, but I also started getting interested in the process of developing software, in software architecture, patterns, and how software development could be approached like an engineering discipline. I got into Linux, into networking and protocols, and into security. My main passion remained development, however.

I speed-taught myself .NET and C# in order to land my first serious programming job. Almost a decade and a half later, with the state of the C# language (which is rapidly ever evolving still), with .NET Core, with Azure and with where Microsoft is today in terms of technology, openness and community, I am extremely glad I chose .NET as my primary platform. Then there’s JavaScript - which, of course, is impossible to stay away from if you do what I do. Microsoft opening up and embracing Linux and other platforms in recent years has been exciting and encouraging to see, as has the emergence of containers, Docker and Kubernetes.

My recent work is very cloud-focused, both on AWS and Azure. I’ve also personally been doing a lot of coding with Go.

I am an introvert and a perennial Seinfeld fan. My interest in science and generally “knowing stuff” predates my interest in programming. I love food and I am not athletic, but I try to keep fit. Writing is a big passion, although I don’t do enough of it. The hope is still to be a published author at some point (we can all dream). I love listening to classic rock and classic metal. I used to play the drums a little bit but never got quite good at it. My other dream is to be able to play at least one musical instrument well enough. I would like to think there is still hope.

The best way to get to me for technical stuff or about anything on this website is through Twitter, preferably via DM. Professional inquiries can use LinkedIn, or my resume here. If you know me personally and would like to connect, I can be found on Facebook, even though I don’t use it as much.


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