About Me

My name is Aashish Koirala. I write code. I think a lot, and I write about some of it. Born and raised in majestic Kathmandu, Nepal, I now live in the beautiful state of Massachusetts, USA with my wife and daughter where I build software for a living.

I caught the programming bug when I was twelve, fiddling with QBASIC and MS-DOS batch scripts on a 80386 PC. A few years later I picked up VB. I must have written hundreds of applications in VB by the time I was in high school - varying in quality and usefulness, of course. Web design and HTML made their way in around this time and a short stint as a “HTML web designer” followed before college. Then came JavaScript. College and engineering brought a LOT of new stuff into the mix. I picked up C, C++, Java and SQL along the way, but I also started getting interested in the process of developing software, in software architecture, patterns, and how software development could be approached like an engineering discipline. I got into Linux, into networking and protocols, and into security. My main passion remained development, however.

I speed-taught myself .NET and C# in order to land my first serious programming job. It remains my primary language and tech stack to this day, especially because of “the new modern .NET”. I am very much into Linux and Bash as well. I pretty much live in the terminal (WSL2 on Windows FTW). My recent work is very cloud-focused, both on AWS and Azure, and a lot of Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and serverless and asynchronous event-driven stuff. I’ve also personally been doing a lot of coding with Go.

I am an introvert and love listening to classic metal and classic rock. My interest in science and generally “knowing stuff” predates my interest in programming. Writing is a big passion, although I don’t do enough of it. I am a perennial Seinfeld fan. Lastly, I believe in compassion before judgement, and would like to think I practice it as much as possible.

I am on GitHub, Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn. You can also grab my resume here.


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